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What is the Market Depth tab?

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2014 03:27PM GMT
Each contract has a Market Depth tab (see screenshot below). It shows the liquidity and volume of the given contract, ranked by price competitiveness. 

You can use this tab to find out:
  • How popular a contract is (the more orders, the more popular the contract is).
  • The price you would pay/get if you want to buy/sell X shares at the market price (which is called doing a market order, meaning you buy at the prevailing market price). 
  • Which price you should ask for if you want to buy or sell shares of this contract doing a limit order (buy or sell shares at a specified price or better)
  • If there is a shallow market depth (a small order is needed to change the price) vs deep market depth (a large order is needed to change the price).
For example, on the contract below, it shows that you can buy up to 10 shares of this contract at m฿6.2 (i.e one or more other Predictious users have posted orders to sell at that price). Similarly, it shows you can sell up to 3 shares at m฿5.01 (one or more other Predictious users have posted orders to buy at that price).

You can look at the "Sum" column if you want to see the cummulative number of shares available. If you want to buy 20 shares of this contract, and you want to match orders (as opposed to  
set your own market price - see below), you will pay 10 shares at m฿6.2, 10 shares at m฿6.3. 

Note that you do not have to match an order, you can also set your own market price (if it is competitive enough, it will show on that tab).
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